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Adria Homes

Best luxury camping and glamping solutions.
We are the exclusive distributor for Adria Homes in the UK! 




No other mobile home provides the freedom and luxury experience of an Adria designer mobile home. Its not just the location but it’s the design, the space and the home from home features. Luxury holiday accomodation with special touches of glamour like an upscale hotel suite right there in nature.


Modular Homes

“Inspiring adventures closer to nature” underpins the Adria philosophy and the innovative spirit that Adria put into their products. Leisure time is a precious thing and we have an obsession with quality, to ensure the time you spend with family and friends is what enriches lives, makes you happy and motivates you.

With stunning design and unrivaled SIP construction Adria modular homes truly are the best lodges available. From the stunning Alpine to the unrivaled Aurora, our lodges will stand the tests of time. 


Mobile tents

Camping in new forms of mobile tent construction with touches of glamour has brought fresh life into the camping scene. Adria's mobile tents offer a glamping experience like no other, set in nature but delivering freedom, with a new style and with luxurious levels of comfort. Designed using intelligent design and built to Adria's standards of quality and durability, our mobile tents are just like upscale boutique hotel suites right there in nature. 


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